June 2009 - Thank you for your help & allowing God to be the CEO of your company. Had it not been for God working through you, I would not be enjoying this blessing. This is truly a blessing from God.  C. Miller, Monroe, LA

3 October 2008 - This is a statement of performance I encountered doing business with James Townsend. We had an agreement for a loan with interest-only payments for a specified time frame with the principal due at the end of the stated time on the note. All interest payments were made on time and at the proper amount for the duration of the time frame. He paid off the note 2 months before maturity which was his option. No problems were encountered with this transaction. E. Price, Sterlington, LA

January 25, 2008:  Mr. Townsend was very helpful and offered a lot of assistance in my quest to finding a home.  He was very patient and understanding to my needs.  I would recommend him to anyone looking for a home. B.Thomas, Birchwood Drive, Monroe

October 12, 2005
To Whom It May Concern:  James Townsend bought my house on 10/12/05.  We met with him the end of September 2005.  He made an offer on 10/1/05 and we agreed and signed an agreement on that date.  We had the final closing on 10/12/05.

October 2005- I had leased my home in October,2005. When I was ready to buy I called Mr. Townsend and let him know I was ready to purchase the home. It was on of the easiest things I have ever done.I know I would not have been able to purchase my home without Mr. and Mrs. Townsend's help. Thank you.  LInda Adams
I was very pleased with the process.  Everything was done as agreed and in a timely fashion.  I would recommend him highly.    Rebecca Chapmond, Monroe, Louisiana

Feb. 5,2005 - Thank you so much for purchasing our home. You helped us so much & allowed us to build a new home. We would have never believed that the selling process could be so easy. If we could be of any help in the future, please feel free to give us a call. Ritney & Rebecca Chapmond

October 20, 2005
James Townsend has been a gentleman in all areas of our dealings with him in the sale of our house.  It was necessary for us to relocate because of health matters.  We had been there nearly forty years, so it was traumatic for us.
He has done all that he said he would do.  We liked the way we could sell without showing it to many and to be able to have a time to buy elsewhere on our own time schedule.      Rodney and Beth Salmon, Monroe, Louisiana

October 21, 2005
The process of selling our home to Mr. Townsend was extremely easy and convenient.  The closing date was set within a week of calling him and telling him we were ready to close.  When we got to the attorney's office, Mr. Hastings had all of the paperwork ready and it took less than ten minutes to finish the deal.  We are very happy with our decision.  It relieved us of the pressure of dealing with a real estate agent and not knowing when our house would sell.  We believe that Mr. Townsend's process was the easiest and most efficient way to deal with the sell of our home.  Thank you Mr. Townsend!!
  Rocky & Stephanie Pierce

January 31, 2006 - I leased purchased 2102 Park Ave. in Jan. 05, yesterday I closed on the property.  It has been a great year and now I am a homeowner.  Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Townsend - Jim Hendrixson

March 2006 - Mr. James Townsend made the selling of our house easy.  When we called Mr. Townsend was very pleasant and easy to talk to.  He always says, "I am very easy to work with."  That statement is so true.  We called him up one day, he came out and looked, we discussed his procedures, and that was it. A few simple steps made selling our home a breeze. Thank you so much Mr. Townsend - The Rogers Family

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