How to sell your house at a fair price on the date of your

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If you want to sell your house in the fastest, easiest, and most convenient manner, read this important message.  You may discover the perfect solution....

Selling your house can be an expensive and complicated process.  That's why real estate agents make thousands of dollars on a single sale.

But, if I buy your house, there are no commissions to pay.

You certainly won't have to tolerate strangers tramping through your home and looking through your drawers and closets.

My name is James Townsend.  I am not a realtor.  I can usually close quickly.  A real estate agent may list your home and hope it sells within 6-12 months.  That is the biggest difference between a real estate agent and me.

In addition, an agent may list five to ten houses at a time which makes it rare for an agent to give all their properties their close personal attention.  In the mean time, you, the owner, are stuck maintaining the property and making house payments month after month.

What is your alternative?  You could, of course, sell your home yourself without an agent.  But consider this.  How many houses have your bought and sold in your life?  You haven't had to solve even a fraction of the typical problems that can come up right before closing,

Buying a house is a big decision for most people and it is easy for them to get "cold feet" at the first sign of a complication or small problem (like a lien, repairs, or  closing glitches).  Then you have to start all over -- it is a frustrating experience.

What if you need to move fast?  You could lower the price and hope someone will steal your house -- can you afford that?  Or, you could move out and leave it with the agent, all the while making mortgage payments, hoping and praying that someone will buy your house next month-and the next-and the next.  That is assuming you can even qualify for a new mortgage with the old one still on your back.

And, if it is sitting vacant, what is going to stop someone from climbing through a window and tearing up your property?

That is more worry and aggravation than most people need.

Which way do you turn?  Turning over to an agent with several listings to handle?  Selling yourself and sweating the financial details, lost deals, last minute closing surprises?  Moving out and hoping you don't get a call with the "bad news" about your house?

Here is a better solution -- a way out...

If your property qualifies and I come to look at it, I will provide you with a firm written offer.  I will explain everything to you in plain English.  I will be 100% direct, clear and honest with you.

I can usually "pre-qualify" your home over the phone in just a few minutes which can save both of us time.

If we come to an agreement, I can pay all cash with no contingencies.  And, if you want, we can close in just a few days.  I will handle all the paperwork and make all the necessary arrangements --- then you can get on with your life!

I don't know your particular reasons for selling, but I do know how to get your house closed as quick and professional as possible.  By this time next week your house could be sold.

You may ask, "Can I really buy your house this quickly and easily?"

Maybe - Maybe not.  A lot depends on you.  If you want to get above market price for your home, please don't bother to call me.  I am a professional and I do expect to make a fair profit.   I am not out to steal your house.  My profit will come from my future buyer or tenant.

If your property meets my requirements, call me and let's find out. I buy all types of real estate, and I will quickly determine if your house fits my program.  If I don't buy your house, I will be happy to share my ideas or advice on what you might try next.  You will still have all your other options available.  You have nothing to lose by calling me first.

If you want to learn more or if you have any questions, call right away at

(318) 396-4192 and ask for James 

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